Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day out in York

Saturday was a lovely day out with Ashleigh, we were up nice and early so we could catch the 9am train, the train was not very full so we managed to get a table seat, after a while ashleigh put on her i pod and earphones (as teenagers do) so i looked out the window enjoying the view. in the carriage in front was a group of women enjoying a few drinks and a giggle they were obviously on a weekend away, i mentioned to Ashleigh how that is usually what we (my friends and i) are like on our weekends away, she had a look of shock and horror on her face and said mam your too old to do that !!!!!! The lady sat opposite us started to chuckle and that sparked off our conversation so the rest of the train journey went very fast as we exchanged pleasantries and life conversations.
Just before 10am we arrived and headed straight for Betty's tea shop to my surprise there was no queue what so ever, for anyone who knows Betty's tea shop in york will know there is always a huge queue spanning the outside of the shop, i enjoyed a lovely pot of tea and a scone and Ashleigh had a latte. The shopping, Ash had a few treats and we went a bought her favourite room fragrance fairy dust by lily-flame was great and i picked up some lovely Clarke & Clarke fabric (as in the photo above) to be able to make Ashleigh some cushions and hanging hearts etc for her room.

I will be back tomorrow with more cards, im having an inky afternoon, then it will be back to the ironing board and get the clothes ready for the week as im back to work on Monday.

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