Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mrs Grumpy

Im sorry ive got nothing crafty to show you  today but i will leave you with some links and an explanation as to my lack of posting.
If you pop over to the SplodgeAway site there is a give away and there will also be some very exciting news next week, if i told you they may be appearing on create & craft next week or if they maybe having a design team spot open up. you will just have to keep popping back and see if im right ;)
Ive been in a right grumpy mood of late and no crafting has been done since last weekend, ive even splurged on some new products from sarahs cards (70% off in the sale) and even that hasnt done the trick.
The reason for my grumpyness is ive not been too healthy of late and im awaiting news as to whether i will be needing major surgery in the not too distant future, so im awaitng with baited breath till my next consultant appointment, i do know i require surgery but do not know to which degree :(
ive already had to put procedures in place like working extra shifts so i can squirrel away money in case im on the sick for a long period of time, the good benefit will be once im better i can craft to my hearts content whist off work.
Im slowly getting my head around it and hopefully i will be out of my grumpy mood soon, and i will get my crafting mojo back.


Caz said...

Oh Karen, I wish you all the luck in the world that it won't be too major and hope you will have swift recovery. I look forward to seeing all your crafty creations.
Caz x

Caroline said...

Hi Karen good luck with everything, if you need the operation to make you better then that's a good thing big big hugs and take care. Caroline xxx

Sue said...

Well I will keep you company crafting :) lets hope the little bears give you some mojo hun..have a great time at York hope Martin has a wonderful birthday and see you when you get back xxxx

karen said...

aw thanks sue xx

punkleface said...

Karen so sorry to hear your news hope everthing works out and looking forward to seeing you soon much love and hugs xxxxx