Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Birthday Boy

my little boy complete with a pizza encrusted face.
I know im a day late but hey better late than never, yesterday was my little boys birthday he was 6, and he's told me he's not my little boy any more hes a big boy, oh no, hankies to the ready next he will be telling me he's got a girlfriend, going to uni and leaving home (where does the time go?)
we just had a small tea party with his brother sister and cousins.
there was a kind of rocket theme going on when i asked him on Sunday what cake he would like i expected him to say Ben 10 or some other character but oh no he came out with a rocket cake, I've never seen one of these in a shop so i had to improvise, i bought a very big swiss roll and attempted to turn it into a rocket, 2 big bars of milky bar and food colouring later and it kind of resembles a rocket. Sam loved it so that's all that maters, so that set the theme for the day i made him a rocket card and a rocket badge and his presents were wrapped in rocket paper.

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