Monday, January 12, 2009

wedding cards coming out of my ears

Today i made a start on the many black & white wedding invites ive got to make and im sick already, i hate repertition. Ive left them till the last minute so i must get them done (like ASAP), i only wish all those weeks ago i had made a few a day, they would of been done by now. On top of that i had some samples to do in another colour gold and ivory and because ive got so bored they are a simple style, so im going to hang on a little while before sending them to the bride to be, to give me chance to recharge my batteries and and be a bit more inventive may be using a cricut machine (more on that later)
I also made a few general cards last night these wernt orders they are just to go in my basket for when i need a card in a hurry.will post pics of these later.
Ive been toying with the idea of getting a cricut machine and have decided to go for it so on my next pay day (14 days and counting) i will be able to get the cricut and design studio im so excited, ive never used one before but i just know i will love it.
I know you cant see the print too well on the gold cards but believe me they are just fine in real life.

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