Sunday, January 25, 2009

doodle backgrounds

Here is another of the cards i made last night, when i placed the image on the spotty background i didnt want to add any more pattrn to the card, then when i added it to the card base it looked nice crisp and clean but i felt it needed a little something more so i doodled some flowers and swirls for the background, im not too sure i like it but its done now so i will leave it at that. Ive also decided to try show my cards in more detail, i love looking at Rach's blog her cards are shown in so much detail (although mine will never be that good).
Its something ive wanted to do for a while but didnt want to be accused of being a copy cat, Rachs blog gives me so much inspiration and if just one person gets any inspiration from my blog it will make me happy.


Helena said...

Your doodling is fantastic, love it!!! And I love how you have coloured in your image!

Anonymous said...

good one! i just brought tons of different emo backgrounds in my blog