Friday, January 23, 2009

Nothing much to share

I'm sorry Ive not got much to share today, the last few days i have been finishing the mountain of invites so they are now ready to go, I've had another inquiry about an outlet to sell some of my cards so i sure am going to be busy on my time off when I'm not looking after Dylan, but heyho i don't mind as its something i love to do. The ebay sales are going so well i will have my cricut in no time its amazing what you have lying around that you never use, the stamps I've sold and are selling I've never used in ages and some never at all, so seamed good sense in selling them to buy something i know i will use almost every day.
Martin has had a few days off and he's been decorating, so ive now got a lovely newly decorated bedroom, i just need to pick an accent colour for the accessories then it will be all finished.

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